David and Adriana Dalgarno opened their Fremantle store originally called The Cleanhouse Effect in 1990. Their store stocked a range of environmentally responsible products such as;

Natural, plant-based paints and oils

The Re-Fill Bar – Vegetable-based shampoo & conditioners, laundry & dishwashing liquids, hand & body soaps, stain-removers, etc.

Highest quality water filters and purifiers

Water-saving shower heads

Chemical-free fibre based cleaning system

Organic skin care

Non-hybrid seeds and much more.

David and Adriana, together with friends raised funds to set up the well known Planet Ark Environmental Foundation. Most people have seen Planet Ark’s famous supporters such as Pierce Brosman, Olivia Newton-John, the late Steve Irwin, Peter Brock and many more. Their endorsements have made environmentally sustainable living more main stream.

David believes a great example of how Planet Ark Store achieves high standards is their Floor & Furnitures oils. During the current COVIC 19, customers have used the opportunity to easily re-coat & repair their timber floors themselves. No sanding is required – a huge benefit, especially as re-sanding reduces the thickness and strength of customers floors! More information is available in the floor oil section