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Planet ark is an example of the practical environmentalism for which planet ark is renowned

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Who We Are

David and Adriana, together with friends raised funds to set up the well known Planet Ark Environmental Foundation. Most people have seen Planet Ark’s famous supporters such as Pierce Brosman, Olivia Newton-John, the late Steve Irwin, Peter Brock and many more. Their endorsements have made environmentally sustainable living more main stream.

What Our Clients Say

Planet Ark Store Fremantle Australia

We are the Australian-made and owned company that initially opened its doors in 1990 and stocks the most selling ranges of environmental products from natural plant-based oils to laundry and dishwashing liquids, to hand and body soaps and stain removers. Our products are made from the highest quality water filters and purifiers which are chemical-free and organic for every skin type. Ever wanted to re-decorate up your home with a fresh coat of paint? This means you must first understand what paint you are choosing and ensuring the quality means you can get a better finish. Well before choosing the right VOC free paints, you can make sure you choose all-natural toxin-free paint which is odorless and 100% VOC free. Before doing that always choose a VOC free paint that is safer for you and your household. Are VOC free paints harmful? Traditional paints do give off their strong odour and smell that can affect your health, but some paints are non toxic which can be easily disposed of and eco-friendly?

The sophistication of every home is the eco-friendly non toxic paint that sets the mood and overlooks how the space makes us feel. Getting the right paint color for any room is even difficult as it sounds but it’s even more difficult how this would play an impact on our family’s health. At Planet Ark Store we use the most latest technology to manufacture premium quality water non toxic paint that is safe to use for the whole family.

A completely odor-less application that is washable and scrub-resistant. Our Volvox natural paint can withstand humidity and create a healthy and comfortable living space with an overall durable finish. It’s perfect for those indoors and outdoors and offers great weather protection. So, picking the right paint brand and taking your time means that you want the best interior paints that can suit your requirements.