Planet Ark Store Fremantle Australia

Paints that make a lasting impression. By using the most advanced in breakthrough technology, we not only have the bestselling non toxic paint but are the Australian owned company that ranges from products of natural plant-based oils, laundry, and dishwashing liquids to hand and body soaps and the most affordable stain removers, shampoos, and conditioners for every hair type.

We also are the only company in Perth, that gives our customers a more flexible time agreement and provides healthy, friendly home-based solutions. At Planet Ark, we have products that are not only affordable and effective but are of the highest quality water filters and purifiers which are chemically free and organic for every skin type.

Ever thought of re-making your home with our fresh coat of paint? This means you first have to understand what Voc free paint you are choosing and ensuring the quality and a suitable primer means you can get a better finish. As some of our paints are harmful to you and the environment, so you have to keep yourself well protected as paints do give off their shine and finish, but it’s best if you can call our in-store helpline, where we can always have a run-down of what you are looking for.

Some things that never go out of style are our love for paints. If you’re looking for paints for those exteriors walls, then we have designs that will not only make your walls look creative but give them a longer-lasting shine and a waterproofing result.

I’ve heard your Non toxic paints are absolutely fabulous, do you decorate walls as well? When it comes to homes, we really create something out of the ordinary. We not only decide on the correct color but can create enhancements and space to every room, that gives an overall positive ambiance.

Just ask us anytime online or visit us in-store for a variety of the right color schemes. Do we also have paints available for the exterior walls of buildings as well? So when you’re looking for energy efficiency and heat reflective paints, we at planet ark have every pattern and color to suit those cooling summer walls. Does your store have every paint brand available?

We not only stock the widest range of environmentally eco-friendly products but have the most extraordinary goods which are available all year round. As paints cover upto 80% of every surface in your home, they can be durable but can also emit off harmful chemicals. So at Planet Ark Store we always make sure our VOC free paint is safer around us and our loved ones.

The elegance of every home is not only the eco-friendly non toxic paint that sets the mood, but also the appealing overlooks of our products that make us feel a class apart. Ever wondered why it’s so hard in getting the right paint color for any room, that might be as difficult as it sounds but no matter, with our skills and dedication of years of work, we can come up with better solutions for you and your loved ones.

Our company uses the latest technology to manufacture premium quality water non toxic paint that is safe to use for the whole family, a completely odorless application that is washable and scrub-resistance. Our volvox natural paint can withstand humidity and also create a healthy and comfortable living space with an overall durable finish which is perfect for those indoors and outdoors of your home and can offer great weather protection.

Our Livos kunos is the applicator for any natural oil floor finish. It will seal and protect almost any of your furniture, from interior trim, doors, metals, and it’s by far the easiest application to apply for a perfect, healthy, and happy home. So no matter what products you tend to buy from us, whether you’re buying them online or a visit to our store in Perth. We will provide services that are catered for you and your beautiful home or business.