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Cork Flooring Review: Pros and Cons

Cork Flooring Review: Pros and Cons

Are you tired of the same old flooring options?

Looking for something easy to maintain and also brings affordability and comfort?

Well, you’re in for a treat because modern cork flooring might just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Cork flooring is the most versatile option in home and office aesthetics. It’s not just about the way it looks. It’s also about the way it feels underfoot, the incredible range of choices it offers, and its sustainable nature.

Cork floors are easy-to-maintain, affordable, and versatile cork flooring examples for your home or office.

In this article, we will learn the advantages and disadvantages of cork flooring. You will also learn about its origins, its various types, and how to maintain it with beast products.

So, let’s embark on this corky quest!

What is Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring has a fascinating origin story.

It all begins with the bark of Quercus Suber, better known as cork oak trees.

This bark is harvested once every few years and undergoes a unique transformation. Cork panels formation involves boiling, grinding, and pressing with adhesive resins. Then, it’s baked in kilns to create a sturdy cork floor.

Cork floors come in different forms. You can choose the one that suits your liking.

They’re available as unfinished wooden floorboards or as engineered floorboards with protective top layers.

But wait, there’s more to cork tiles flooring!

They also come as floating floors and glue-down options. The cork sheets variety is as diverse as your imagination.

The Pros of Cork Flooring

1. Beautiful and Versatile Floors

Now, let’s talk about the cork and tile looks.

Cork floors are like the chameleons of the flooring world. They come in countless styles, designs, textures, colours, and finishes, offering you a smorgasbord of options.

You can even find cork floors that mimic the look of exotic wooden floors. All while staying within your budget.

Whether you prefer cork tiles or planks, you can get the exact look you desire.

cork flooring pros

2. Sustainable & Eco-friendly Cork Flooring

Cork floors are not just beautiful. They are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

The cork oak trees from which cork is harvested are incredibly eco-conscious. They only give up their bark once every 9 years.

Hence The cork oak trees are harvested once every 9 years without any harm. The trees continue to thrive, some living up to two centuries (200 years). Thus, making cork a long-term renewable resource.

3. Durable Hardwood Cork Flooring

When it comes to durability, the affordable cork flooring cost gives hardwood floors a run for their money.

With proper care, cork floors can last for more than 40 years.

Their natural softness makes them more resistant to regular foot traffic than hardwood floors. They’re tough against cracking and abrasions, and they’re even waterproof – a TRIPLE WIN for durability.

Pros of Cork Flooring

4. Health and Allergen-Free Living

For those dealing with allergies and asthma, cork floors are a breath of fresh air – literally.

They possess antimicrobial properties and stave off insects and germs. Cork floors also don’t encourage mildew and Mold growth. Because they’re naturally hydrophobic, resisting moisture.

And here’s the kicker: they don’t release any VOCs or toxic chemicals into the air, helping you maintain clean and healthy indoor air quality. You can even use cork tiles for walls as well to create a posh look on a budget.

5. Fire Resistant & Safe Cork Flooring

Safety is a top priority, and cork floors have got you covered.

They contain Suberin, a wax-like substance that makes them naturally fire-resistant. They’ll only catch fire at very high temperatures.

Hence, ensuring a safe and secure flooring option for your space.

Also, the cork flooring prices Australia range from $3-$12 per square foot. Easy on the pocket.

6. Provide Comfort, Insulation & Sound-Proofing

Cork floors are more than just good looks. They are incredibly comfortable too.

Cork has a unique cellular structure filled with 90% air, giving it that soft and cushiony feel underfoot.

The same structure also acts as a natural insulator, trapping heat and keeping your space cozy. But that’s not all; cork floors also absorb sound, making them excellent noise reducers.

Cons of Cork Flooring

1. Cork Flooring is Sensitive to Light

Before you rush to a floor shop near me to install cork floors in every corner of your space. There’s one quirk you should know about.

Cork floors have a sensitivity to sunlight.

Over time, they can turn yellow and fade with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

So, while they’re perfect for indoor spaces. You might want to think twice about using them outdoors or in sun-soaked areas.

2. Cork Flooring Requires Sealing & Regular Maintenance

Every superhero has their kryptonite.

And for cork floors, it’s the need for sealants.

While cork floors resist scratches, they can’t escape dents from furniture and high heels. That’s where sealants come in.

Additionally, cork floors need regular maintenance, like mopping and vacuuming, to keep them looking their best and extend their lifespan.

Cork floor cleaning

Quick Tips To Keep Cork Floor Corky

Now, before we wrap up, here are some quick tips to keep your cork floors in tip-top shape:

  1. Use area rugs or blinds to protect your cork floors from direct sunlight.
  2. Apply cork floor tiles sealant to shield against dents and scratches.
  3. Regularly sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and debris.
  4. Clean spills promptly with a damp cloth.
  5. Avoid harsh chemicals for cleaning; opt for eco-friendly products.
  6. Place furniture pads under heavy items to prevent indentations.
  7. Consider using a dehumidifier in damp areas to maintain the cork’s moisture resistance.

And there you have it – your guide to all things cork flooring Australia. May your floors be stylish, cozy, and always corky!

Use Best Products | Maintain Your Cork Flooring

To ensure your cork floors Perth remain in top-notch condition. It’s essential to use the right cleaning products and sealants.

Planet Ark Eco-Friendly Cork Floor Floor-pad

Planet Ark doesn’t just offer cleaners; they provide a chemical-free fibre cork floor mop.

This floor mop is specially designed to properly clean and prolong the life of your cork floors. While being environmentally responsible.

It’s free from harmful chemicals and offers a durable finish. Hence, enhances the natural beauty of your cork.

Chemical Free Fibre Cleaning Floorpad

Planet Ark Eco-Friendly Cork Floor Cleaner

Planet Ark offers a dedicated eco-friendly cork floor cleaner that’s ideal for regular maintenance. Their vegan and hypoallergenic cleaner is specifically formulated for cork floors.

Ultimately, ensuring gentle yet effective cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals. It leaves your floors looking pristine and free from residue.

Hypoallergenic Multipurpose Cleaner

Final Word

In conclusion, cork flooring is beautiful, sustainable, durable, healthy, safe, comfortable, and insulating.

What more could you ask for?

While it has a couple of drawbacks, its advantages far outweigh them. Despite a few cons, cork flooring offers a stylish, comfortable, and affordable solution for your space.

So, when you’re ready to elevate your home or office with cork flooring Perth. Remember that Planet Ark offers eco-friendly, vegan, and hypoallergenic products. To help you maintain the beauty and integrity of your cork floors.

Don’t overthink it. Go to a cork floor shop and enjoy its multiple benefits.

It’s time to embrace the corky side of life!

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