cleanwater bag kit (CW09001)

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cleanwater bag kit (CW09001)

The Cleanwater bag kit is specifically designed for emergency and individual use. Each kit comes complete with everything needed to turn dirty water into purified water within minutes.

This kit is ideal across a wide range of applications including; domestic water emergencies, camping and caravanning, 4×4 offroading and emergency aid/relief situations where access to clean and safe drinking water is limited or simply not available. You just fill the bag up with water and then hang it up. However, coupled with readily available plastic containers (using the hole-maker provided in the kit) the bag filter kit can be transformed into a static kit as shown below.


Product description:
Each kit comes ready assembled for immediate use. Bag capacity: 7.5 litres. Filter flow: up to 5 litres / hour. Filters are available in either Sterasyl or Super Sterasyl.
Quantities Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Units 28 cm x 10 cm x 9.5 cm 0.45 kg
Case (24 units) 60 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm 10.8 kg
Pallet – 12 cases (288 units) Max. height 120cm 140 kg
Pallet – 16 cases (384 units) Max. height 160cm 183 kg

replacement filters
The effective life of a Berkefeld® ceramic filter, in continual use, will normally be more than 12 months depending on the turbidity of the source water before requiring replacement.

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