Family Hygiene Cleaner

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Benefit from maximum cleaning performance with the highest ecological standards. 100% natural, deep-effective cleaner, suitable for the whole household. It is powerful and removes effectively even stubborn grime such as kitchen grease, green patina, mildew, insect remains etc. It is also ideal for the cleaning of grout. Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria, ensuring a clean and hygienic home. Thanks to it’s innovative natural formula, it preserves the surfaces to be cleaned. It is gentle on the environment giving maximum protection for the whole family. Used in conjunction with the Ha-Ra fibres, it delivers highly effective results. 

Our hygienic family cleaner removes even the most stubborn and organic dirt. This cleaning process is completely natural while being safe for humans, animals and the environment. The Family Hygiene Cleaner offers maximum cleaning power – even with regular use, there is no skin irritation or allergic reactions.

The Ökocontrol test in Germany confirms:
The Family Hygiene Cleaner is produced in accordance with the EC Organic Regulation, fulfilling the requirements for organic products and is 100% biodegradable.

The innovative Family Hygience Cleaner is ideal for:


You will be amazed how easy it is! Family hygiene cleaner is perfectly matched to our Ha-Ra special fibers – benefit from the optimal interaction of cleaning agent and cleaning fiber. Available in the practical 1000 ml storage bottle for regular maintenance cleaning. 


Application: For basic cleaning as well as the removal of stubborn organic grime: apply undiluted and leave it for a short time. Using a Ha-Ra Hedgehog fibre or a Nano glove, wipe over the surface to remove dirt. Follow up with a damp Ha-Ra fibre.

As a disinfectant: apply undiluted to the surface, leave it for a short time and follow up with a damp Ha-Ra fibre.
Maintenance cleaning: depending on the degree of soiling, use 25 – 50 ml to 5 litres of clean water and clean with the Ha-Ra fibres. 


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