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What is Planet Ark Power?

What is Planet Ark Power?

Broader Approach of Planet Ark Power

Planet Ark Power, a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, focusing on the power of renewable resources. As a driving force in the transition towards a more eco-friendly future, Planet Ark Power aims to deliver financially attractive, high-performing, and reliable clean energy solutions to clients. These solutions deliver measurable energy and cost savings while addressing sustainability targets over the lifetime of the system.

  • They have developed and implemented solar power, battery storage, and microgrid solutions for various Australian facilities, including commercial, industrial, recreation, education, health, and government sites.

Solar Innovation

Planet Ark Power diligently oversees each solar system, enabling technicians to assess its performance and address any issues promptly. Their proactive maintenance services effectively minimize unexpected downtime, repair expenses, and solar generation losses. Technicians adhere to a comprehensive checklist to guarantee the solar plant functions at its best, enhancing asset utilization rates and extending its lifespan. Consistent maintenance results in optimal system performance, maximizing energy output and cost efficiency.

For power monitoring applications, revenue-grade sensors are employed to deliver precise data for financial and NGER reporting. This includes accurate information on greenhouse gas emissions, energy production, and consumption, ensuring reliable and transparent reporting.

Smart Energy Management

Planet Ark Power’s smart energy management system stands out as a revolutionary solution. It marks a significant change in the way businesses and industries handle energy consumption. Integrating advanced solar technology with intelligent energy management, the Planet Ark system enables businesses to efficiently use energy, lower expenses, and lessen their environmental footprint.

Solar Financing for Commercial Businesses

Planet Ark Power crafted flexible financial solutions to support investments in renewable energy, aiming to boost your business’s competitiveness. We collaborate with each customer, offering access to various finance options such as the Capex model, Chattel Mortgage model, or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Grid-Ready Solutions

Planet Ark Power offers solutions designed to meet the changing requirements of industries and communities. Through the integration of solar power systems and advanced energy management, the company empowers businesses to efficiently generate, store, and oversee their energy usage. This not only lessens reliance on conventional power sources but also plays a role in creating a more robust and decentralized energy grid.

Sustainable Solution

Planet Ark Power goes beyond just introducing technological innovations; it is committed to inspiring businesses and communities to adopt sustainable energy practices. Through thorough consultations and personalized solutions, the company assists its clients in transitioning towards a more environmentally friendly and economically sustainable energy future. This commitment is not solely about immediate financial benefits but also aims to instill a sense of environmental responsibility within businesses and communities.

In addition to offering solar solutions, Planet Ark Power actively participates in projects and initiatives dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainability. By aligning their business objectives with a broader commitment to the planet, Planet Ark Power sets an example of how corporations can play a pivotal role in driving positive change.


Planet Ark Power is a leading company in the renewable energy sector, focusing on innovative solar solutions and sustainability. They specialize in commercial and industrial solar systems, power factor correction, EV charging solutions, solar carparks, microgrid developments, voltage as a service, battery as a service, microgrids as a service, operations & maintenance services, and project financing.

Their proprietary grid edge eleXsys energy management platform intelligently balances electricity network and system parameters, ensuring energy savings, revenue generation, and ongoing cost savings. Planet Ark Power offers various business models, including solar financing and maintenance options, to help customers save energy, generate revenue, and achieve ongoing cost savings.

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