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Guide to Buy a Steam Cleaner in 2023

Guide to Buy a Steam Cleaner in 2023

In this rushing life and hundreds of other households we barely get time on regular basis to clean the house thoroughly by looking every single thing. Dusting and carpet cleaning is a time taken process so, rather be staying at old ages of brooms why not work smartly in a short time with electronic cleaners.

The best appliances for cleaning your home are steam cleaners. They offer a complete cleaning as well as some fantastic family-friendly health advantages. Steam cleaners eliminate viruses and allergies while cutting through oil and dirt by using high-heat steam. You can clean and disinfect your floors, upholstery, and even your freezer with these multifunctional cleaning tools!

Which steam cleaner, that’s the question, is best for your house carpet and floor cleaner? Could it be the portable steam mop for carpet and lightweight steam cleaner? Or perhaps you choose an upright steam cleaner’s strength and adaptability. Let’s take a look to the different types of steam cleaners and choose according to your need.

Guide to Buy a Steam Cleaner with Planet Ark:

Steam cleaners only employ the cleaning force of steam, nor detergent. The reason steam cleaners are so effective is that the heat from the steam emulsifies the filth, which the hot cloth then absorbs.

Dust mite control will undoubtedly benefit from steam cleaning. Dust mites must reach a temperature of 130° F to perish, while most cleaners’ steam tips often reach 200°. Because steam cleaning does not stop dust mites from returning, you should consider steam cleaning your mattress every 8 weeks or so if you want consistent results.

Types of Steam Cleaners:

Although steam cleaners may be used to clean a wide range of surfaces and items, certain models work better than others for certain tasks. You may choose the steam cleaner that best suits your needs by understanding the many functions and characteristics of the four basic varieties.

Vapor Steam Cleaner

In terms of shape and operation, vapour steam cleaners are comparable to cylinder steam cleaners and offer many of the same advantages. The capabilities and accessories that come with this kind of steam cleaner often allow you to effortlessly clean a range of various surfaces and items.

This sort of steam cleaner is among the finest to purchase since it offers a “dry” clean, which is its key selling point. This is noteworthy because it uses a lot of heat to make sure that the only thing that touches the surfaces you clean is steam, leaving no water or wetness behind.

With costs ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, they are one of the priciest steam cleaner varieties on the market. Vapour steam cleaners are among the greatest machines you can have in your house, so don’t let that discourage you.


· May be used to quickly clean a variety of spaces in your house.

· Offers a dry cleaning service so you won’t have to be concerned about any potential harm from too much moisture.

· Not need to use harsh chemicals or detergents.

· Extremely effective at eliminating bacteria, parasites, and pathogens.

· There are several available attachments and extras.

Cylinder Steam Cleaner

Steam mops and portable steam cleaners are smaller than cylinder steam cleaners, also known as canister steam cleaners. They could be a little more challenging to store and handle because they are bulkier. This kind of steam cleaner is quite effective in sanitizing and cleaning your house. The bigger water tank that is attached to the unit is mostly to blame for its increased size.

These steam cleaners are particularly adaptable since they frequently come with several attachments for cleaning various surfaces. Because of its adaptability, cylinder steam cleaners may be used to clean floors, countertops, and even objects like garments and drapes.

These items will fluctuate in price, but on average they are more expensive than both steam mops and portable steam cleaners. In contrast to steam mops and portable cleaners, despite the extra cost, you will be able to effortlessly clean and sanitise nearly all parts of your home.


  • Versatile as may be used to clean many various parts of your house with ease.
  • Large water tank, requiring less frequent filling.
  • Not need to use harsh chemicals or detergents.
  • Extremely effective at eliminating bacteria, parasites, and pathogens.
  • There are several available attachments and extras.

Handheld Steam Cleaners

Small, compact, and more economical pricing range are handheld steam cleaners. Prices will fluctuate and change depending on the models. They are incredibly simple to use and store when not in use because to their small size. These steam cleaners work well to remove minor carpet stains and swiftly clean windows, but they are not very useful for cleaning big areas. They are particularly beneficial for countertops and difficult-to-reach places than floors because of their tiny, portable nature.


  • Cheapest variety of steam cleaner.
  • Perfect for cleaning little areas.
  • Ideal for cleaning nooks and crannies, curtains, and the underneath of furniture.
  • Simple to store without taking up a lot of room.
  • Incredibly user-friendly and portable.

Steam Mops

The main purpose of steam mops is to clean floors. This style of steam cleaner is upright, simple to operate, and feels and looks like a stick vacuum. A water tank is typically present in or attached to the handle of steam mops. In addition to being simpler to operate than a typical mop or Swiffer, this sort of steam cleaner is also far more effective at sanitizing and cleaning your floors.

The steam that eliminates germs, bacteria, and parasites that can be hiding on your floors is one thing that all models have in common, even if each one is likely to offer distinct functions and extras. You will spend less time washing your floors because it uses steam rather than harsh chemicals that you will need to clean up afterwards.

Although they normally cost a little bit more than the average portable type, steam mops are still a reasonably priced steam cleaner. Prices will probably vary depending on the brand, power, adaptability, and accessories offered.

This steam cleaner could be the finest option for the typical household. It is simple to use, environmentally friendly, and affordable for most people.


  • Eco-friendly and reasonably priced.
  • Portable and simple to use.
  • Works well for disinfecting and cleaning floors.
  • Relatively minimal storage space is required.
  • Extremely effective at eliminating bacteria, parasites, and pathogens.
  • Not need to use harsh chemicals or detergents.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Steam Cleaner

Your demands and the reasons you want a steam cleaner will undoubtedly determine which one is best for you. These are some of the key factors to consider while selecting the steam cleaner that will best suit your needs.

Energy Usage

Different steam cleaners take varying amounts of energy to operate, just like all other appliances. Typical steam cleaners may consume between 1000 and 1800 watts of power. An average computer needs roughly 365 watts, whereas a normal bulb uses about 60 watts as a point of reference. Wattage will vary significantly depending on the heating system utilized, whether it is boiler-style or flash, and how many heating elements are used.

Size and Weight

There are many different portable and industrial sizes, shapes, and weights of steam cleaners. Make sure to carefully consider the steam cleaner’s size and weight. You might choose not to use a large steam cleaner if carrying or moving it bothers you. Whatever model you choose, you should also keep in mind that you will need to find storage space for it. Since most homeowners prefer to store it somewhere, make sure you have enough space for it.


Your price range considerations will be greatly impacted by the type of steam cleaner you select. Buying portable steam cleaners and steam mops won’t feel like a big financial commitment because of how inexpensive they are. While some cylinder and vapour steam cleaner models can be quite expensive. They are beneficial for a larger tasks which may allow you to spend less on other cleaning supplies, and ultimately save your time with ease. Another factor for cost is the model and size you are selecting for cleaning purpose.


The majority of steam cleaners come with accessories for cleaning different areas and surfaces in your house. The majority of manufacturers also provide a variety of steam cleaner attachments and accessories, some of which may be included with specific models or which, depending on the situation, may need to be purchased separately. If you want a steam cleaner that is versatile and can be used for a variety of things, surfaces, and areas, take into account the attachments and accessories of each model as well as those that you can purchase separately.

Water Tank

A steam cleaner will continue to create steam as long as there is enough water in the tank to heat it to the proper temperature for cleaning, similar to how an iron does. Smaller steam cleaners may need their water tanks to be refilled more often. Even though larger tanks often last longer, they are less efficient since you must wait longer for them to heat up. Steam mops and portable steam cleaners often have smaller tanks and quicker heat-up periods than cylinder and vapour steam cleaners, which typically have bigger tanks and longer heat-up times.

Pressure & Temperature

You must be aware of the negative connotations associated with how hot your steam cleaner gets and how much steam pressure the device produces. Greater temperature steam cleaners create dryer steam and greater pressure, which is more hygienic, offers a deeper clean, kills more germs, and is ultimately more effective.

The device’s ability to attain a certain temperature and pressure level is crucial, but so is its ability to maintain that pressure over time. A unit won’t likely clean your home as thoroughly as you’d want if it can’t keep the temperature and pressure levels regularly.

Noise Levels

Vacuum cleaners are often noisier than steam cleaners, but all of them make some noise, and some of them may be rather loud. If the noise level of your steam cleaner worries you, seek for models that claim to be quieter than typical and read customer reviews or comments.

Easy to Use

It can be worth the trade-off to stay with a smaller, simpler steam cleaner if you’re concerned about the difficulty of managing a huge or heavy steam cleaner. However, you might need to choose a larger gadget than you first thought if you truly want one that can offer a deep clean. The majority of steam cleaners have highly user-friendly designs. Very few of their moving parts require maintenance. Nearly all of these devices include wheels or casters and are lightweight for easier movement.


Consider what the warranty covers while investigating it: parts, the boiler, the steam tank, or the outside shell? It is wise to take warranties into consideration when selecting a steam cleaner for your house since they serve as your insurance policy against defect and failure. Most of the steam cleaners we sell have a return policy, and the manufacturer will repair them.

Benefits Carrying by a Steam Cleaner

So why should you bolster your inventory of home cleaning tools with a steam cleaner? Here are a few explanations for why steam cleaning is the convenient, beneficial, and economical choice.

Cost Effective

Because vacuum and steam cleaners can pretty much do it all, they eliminate the need for all those extra cleaning supplies. If you’re using a steam-only cleaner, all you need is simply add water and let your machine do the rest rather getting engaged with other gadgets that take a lot of time and effort. May be a physical exertion too.


To clean and disinfect the hard floors, carpet, soap scum in bathroom, built up grease and grime oven and even your barbecue, Steam cleaners are the most versatile cleaning machine. It can tackle a range of cleaning tasks in every home.


The amount of chemicals that are rinsed down the drain and back into the water supply are reduced due to the use of steam vacuum cleaners for carpet, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. Steam cleaning mostly uses water, which means it employs a lot fewer chemicals than conventional cleaning agents. Steam cleaning is not only healthy for you, your loved ones, and your pets—it’s also good for the environment because it uses less amount chemicals that wind up in our water supply and drain.

Kill 99.9% Germs

Take that, Bacteria! By eliminating dangerous pathogens and allergens that might exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms in your house, steam mops and steam cleaners produce steam that is hot enough to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew, and other potentially contagious pathogens that may not be visible to naked eye, but they are present all around you and in your home. One of the best advantages of steam cleaning is that it rids your home of these harmful substances, thereby keeping you and your family safe.

Upright Steam Cleaners vs Handheld Steam Cleaners

In general, there are two types of steam cleaners: portable and upright. To determine which is ideal for you, let’s examine the distinctions between portable/handheld steam cleaners and upright steam cleaners.

  • Why Do You Want a Handheld Steam Cleaner?

Handheld steam cleaners are typically used to clean ovens, windows, and showers because they are portable, lightweight, and easy to handle. Their incredibly portable steam cleaners can frequently include useful add-ons like a window squeegee, garment steaming tool, and scrubbing brush, make it simple to clean and disinfect countertops and other hard surfaces. Even mattresses and upholstery may be cleaned with some portable steam cleaners. Handheld steam cleaners are good for cleaning windows, doors, mirrors, glasses, showers, taps, tiles, table & stove tops etc.

  • Why Do You Want An Upright Steam Steamer?

These strong deep-cleaning machines provide the utmost in adaptability and may be used to clean and disinfect hard floors, carpets, rugs, upholstery, automobile interiors, and more. They are equipped with a number of accessories for use in the home, including cleaning the walls and steaming clothes. Upright steam cleaners are normally used for cleaning and sanitizing:

  • 2 in 1 Steam Cleaners-Best for Both Worlds

Can’t decide between an upright and a handheld steam cleaner? You’re not required to! Multi-steamers or 2-in-1 steam cleaners can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including:

  1. Windows
  2. Floors and carpets/rugs
  3. Upholstery
  4. Clothing/fabrics
  5. Curtains/sheets

2-in-1 steam cleaners are your go-to for an effortlessly immaculate home because they can be used as both a powerful upright cleaning machine and a handheld steam cleaner.

  • Steam-Only Steam Cleaners vs Detergent-Capable

Many steam cleaners generate steam that is hot enough to destroy 99.9% of germs and bacteria with just water. Some steam cleaners allow you to add detergent to increase cleaning power because they are detergent-capable. If you enjoy the scent of freshly cleaned surfaces or feel the urge to step up your steam cleaning, you might pick a steam cleaner that can handle detergent.

Homes with children and animals that may be sensitive to potentially dangerous cleaning agents benefit greatly from steam-only steam cleaners. They reduce the need for using hazardous chemicals by providing a thorough clean with just water. In the long term, this also saves your money because you’re not relying on regular washing and cleaning that you used to.


Benefits of owning a steam cleaner is that it provides a safer, more ecological and friendly cleaning option. If you’ve ever been concerned about the number of chemicals in the detergents and cleaning solutions you purchase, steam cleaner can put your mind at peace and ease.

For customers who suffer from allergies, steam cleaners are an attractive alternative. In order to eliminate anything that may be unseen but is damaging the air you breathe, steam cleaning technology lifts and removes dust mites and dirt while utilising heat to kill bacteria. It also makes stain removal easier.


Why steam cleaning is better than detergents & chemicals?

There are a number of drawbacks to using detergents and bleach for cleaning, including the release of fumes and chemical vapours, harmful residues, chemical burns and irritation, as well as the need to dispose of potentially hazardous materials. Instead of caustic bleach, ammonia, or lye, an effective home steam cleaner uses only water and heat. Patients with allergies, asthma, and MCS reduce their exposure to these substances by eliminating them.

Steam cleaners have an advantage over other cleaning methods because they don’t use chemicals and effectively remove chemical residue from previous cleanings. Because both hard and soft surfaces have pores, detergents also only clean the surface. Superheated steam penetrates these pores and effectively cleans and sanitises by transferring heat.

How Steam Mop Differs from Steam Cleaner?

The short answer is that steam cleaners can clean above ground level whereas steam mops (except 2-in-1 steam mops) cannot. A steam mop is an excellent alternative to carrying about a mop and bucket whether you have wooden, tiled, laminate, or marble flooring. Your hard floors are fully cleaned and sanitized in less time for steam mop carpet. They have reusable mop pads, scrubbing pads for harder stains, and most have a carpet glider attachment to thoroughly clean your carpeted floors.

 How Does Steam Cleaner Work?

When the water is hot enough, it is converted into a “dry” vapor or steam. You fill the tank with water and detergent, if the cleaner is detergent-capable. The steam is then forced through the steam cleaner’s nozzle or head, where it is combined with agitation to start loosening dirt, grease, and grime and destroy 99.9% of germs at the same time.

Can Steam Cleaner Removes Pets’ Odor?

Yes. Pet stains and odors can be effectively removed using steam cleaners, especially if you use a cleaning detergent or a homemade vinegar and bicarbonate of soda solution.

Where Does The Dirt Exactly Go?

It doesn’t simply evaporate with the steam, though. The loosened dirt may be wiped away with a clean cloth or absorbed into the brush head, depending on the application and the type of steam cleaner being used.

Floor and steam cleaners have a good enough relationship to remain hygienic. Steam carpet and steam cleaner rug both carries the refreshing aspect once get cleaned by carpet stem cleaner. We assure you the best usage of such cleaners as not only to vibe good at home but to get more cleaned and make environment sustainable for living.

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