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LIVOS | Natural Ecological Wood Finishing Oils & Paints

LIVOS | Natural Ecological Wood Finishing Oils & Paints

Looking for the wood finishing oil that’s both high-quality and eco-friendly?

In an era where we prioritize health and environmental consciousness above anything else, choosing the right wood finishing with natural ecological products is more important than ever.

Fortunately, there exists a sustainable and ecologically sound alternative to conventional varnishes and stains – Livos’ flax-based oils!

Did you know that Livos’ oils stand as the efficient ecological substitute for acrylic or urethane-based varnishes, as well as traditional oil stains? These products not only protect against water and dirt but also shield against wine stains, ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your furniture. Whether you’re liming, oiling, or waxing furniture, the first step is saturating and treating it with Livos’ nontoxic solutions.

In this article, Planet Ark helps you explore the wonders of Livos’ oils – not only meeting but exceeding the highest standards of health and environmental responsibility, providing a more sustainable future!

Livos’ Oils – Natural and Eco-friendly Wood Finishing Products

LIVOS is a German company in Australia that has been making non-toxic natural paints and wood oils for over 40 years.

It offers a revolutionary approach to wood finishing with its range of ecological wood oils, successfully used on hardwood and softwood floors in Australia. Unlike traditional finishes laden with harsh chemicals and pollutants, Livos prioritizes both the environment and your well-being.

With a growing preference for ecologically friendly products, many individuals and companies are turning to Livos’ oils, because they avoid harmful chemicals commonly found in mainstream varnishes. Livos stands as the pioneer in natural paints on a global scale, embodying a commitment to health and eco-consciousness.

What Are the Ingredients in Livos’ Oils?

Enrich with Plant-Based Ingredients: Livos products are made from natural materials like plant and earth pigments, ensuring biodegradability and safety for disposal. They mainly consist of flaxseed oil, dammar gum and a highly pure nontoxic isoaliphatic solvent.

Unlike solvent-based finishes that can pollute waterways and release harmful fumes, Livos oils minimize environmental impact.

Advantages of Livos Products | Protecting the Environment

Livos wood oils are a wise investment for both your wood surfaces and the Mother Earth:

(✓) Biodegradable and Safe

Livos products are safe for health!

When it comes to safeguarding both your health and the environment, they stands out as a beacon of sustainability. Livos natural paint is not only biodegradable but also incredibly safe for use in your home. Unlike conventional finishes that often contain harsh chemicals, Livos products are formulated with the utmost consideration for human and environmental health.

(✓) No Harsh Fumes:

Livos products are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and emit a pleasant scent, eliminating the need for masks and leaving your home during application. This is a key benefit for health-conscious people, families with young children, and those with chemical sensitivities.

(✓) Suitable for Allergies:

Livos counts on a healthy alternative to conventional finishes, helping those with chemical sensitivities or allergies. Many traditional wood finishes contain volatile compounds that can trigger respiratory irritation or allergic reactions. Livos oils provide a safer alternative for creating a healthy indoor environment.

(✓) Safe for Pets:

In households with furry friends, it’s important to consider the safety of pets when choosing paints. LIVOS natural paints are pet-friendly, meaning they’re safe for use around animals. With no harmful gasses or toxins, your pets can wander freely without any adverse effects from the paint.

Performance of Livos Oils | Long-lasting Protection

Livos doesn’t compromise performance for eco-friendliness. Here’s what sets them apart:

(✓) Penetrates Deeply:

Their oils penetrate deep into the wood fibers, offering superior protection against moisture, stains, and environmental damage compared to surface finishes like varnishes. This deep layer of protection enhances the wood’s natural durability and reduces the risk of warping, cracking, or rot.

(✓) Last for Long:

Livos oils don’t just provide surface-level protection; they reinforce the wood’s structure from within. By deeply penetrating the wood fibers, these oils create a sturdy barrier that shields against scratches, dents, and other signs of wear. This enhanced durability ensures that your wood surfaces maintain their pristine appearance even in outdoors.

(✓) Nourishes the Wood:

Livos oils highlight the inherent beauty of wood grain, unlike opaque stains that mask the wood’s character. The natural oils nourish the wood, bringing out its warmth and richness. This allows you to achieve a beautiful, classic look that celebrates the wood’s unique character.

(✓) Easily Applied and Maintained:

Livos oils are known for their user-friendliness, requiring minimal application and offering simple repairs without extensive sanding. Their smooth application process saves you time and effort, while the easy maintenance allows you to keep your wood surfaces looking beautiful for years to come.

(✓) Ensures Full Transparency:

Livos prioritizes transparency by listing all ingredients directly on the label, ensuring consumer awareness. This transparency allows you to make right decisions about the products you bring into your home.

Livos Offers Two Main Product Lines | Kunos & Alis

(✓) Kunos:

  • Kunos offers a variety of colors to enhance the natural look of your wood or add a touch of personality to your project.
  • Ideal for interior applications, beautifying and protecting furniture, trim, doors, and even children’s toys.
  • Livos Kunos counter top oil is used and loved by many fine furniture makers and wood turners because it brings out the full rich beauty of all timbers.

(✓) Alis:

  • Provides superior weather resistance for outdoor use on decks, fences, and other exterior woodwork.
  • Alis helps shield your exterior wood from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and insect damage.
  • Ensures long-lasting beauty and protection for your outdoor spaces.

Shop Top Natural Ecological Products at Planet Ark Now!

Considering a more natural approach to wood finishing?

At Planet Ark, we provide you with best Livos’ oils that are more natural, eco-friendly and plant-based oils and paints – not only protect your furniture but also follow the principles of health and sustainability.

Our Natural VOC free Paints and Oils are the perfect choice for a healthy home and a sustainable future. With Livos, you can achieve a beautiful, lasting finish while promoting a healthy environment for yourself and the planet.

Visit our website and Find the Ideal Livos Oil Now!

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