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You can purchase the Floor Perfect system without a handle if you already own a Ha-Ra handle. Featuring patented technology exclusively developed by Ha-Ra®, the Perfect Floor System gives you 40% more cleaning power with 40% less effort while cleaning 30% faster than other products. This is achieved by the unique 6-chamber design which distributes optimum pressure across the whole surface of the micro-fibre pad.


How to use
Insert one end of the floor system into the floor pad, press the solid gold button to release and lift. Insert other end and push down to lock it in place. To clean, use an ‘s’ motion over the floor in order to collect larger particles while the fibre gets into indentations.


Where to use
This Floor System is perfect for cleaning ceilings, beams, cornices and stairs. Choose the 42.5cm over the 32.5cm for larger spaces.


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