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For really dirty, rough floor surfaces, especially outdoor use the Floor Pad Green. This floor pad can handle any tough job you can think of, just add water. If there are large amounts of dirt add extra water or use in conjunction with the Scrub Pad for a chemical-free clean.


100% nylon, pile: 20mm Backing fabric: 100% polyester.


How to use
Add 2 drops of Protective Formula to 5 litres of water. Immerse the pad in water and wring out. To clean use an S-motion over the floor in order to collect larger particles while the fibre gets into indentations. When using in conjunction with a scrub floor pad use the green dry to collect the moisture. When used on its own dampen but do not soak. (Dirtier floors may require more water).


Where to use
For fast and efficient cleaning of timber decks, slate and heavily soiled inside areas.Use in conjunction with the Scrub Floor Pad to clean non-slip floors, patio and pool areas, commercial cleaning purposes on all heavy-grease and grime from construction work.


Please ensure you select the correct size Floor Pad for your flooring system from the drop down menu above. 

If you are unsure of what size you need, simply measure the length of the bottom of your floor system.


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