Leather Balm 180ml incl. Cloth | Care & Maintenance | Shop


Leather Balm 180ml incl. Cloth | Care & Maintenance | Shop


The Ha-Ra Leather Balm nourishes and waterproofs leather in one step using natural beeswax and lanolin. In just one step you can have your leather soft and pliable, no polishing required. The shine will appear after the wax penetrates the leather and dries.


– Pure beeswax
– Lanolin (cleansed of herbicides and pesticides)
– Free of silicone oil
– Free of solvents
– Unlimited shelf life
– Raw materials are pharmaceutical quality (DAB 10) 

How to use
Use the Leather Cloth to apply the wax. For leather clothing and seats allow the balm to soak into the material for at least 24 hours. After the wax has dried you can buff for an increased sheen.

Where to use
Recommended for All natural leather items
Car dashboard
Synhetics and waxed timbers
Removes the buildup of snow and water grooves.