The ideal Bathroom Kit for chemical-free Cleaning

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The chemical-free Bathroom Kit is simple to use. There’s two Gloves – the Ultra Glove and Natura Glove – and a Star Polish Cloth. These Ha-Ra Gloves last, and hold their shape, because of the unique combination of the cleaning fibres which are attached to a woven fabric. The Ultra Glove is used to absorb the grime on tiles, sinks, shower screens etc. and the Natura Glove will leave the surface streak-free and dry. Use the Star Polishing Cloth on your chrome taps and around the sink. The chemical-free Bathroom Kit also includes a small Rollfix bottle of our natural & ph-neutral detergent called Protective Formula. 



This Kit comes with the following products 


What is the benefit of the Protective Formula?
The PH neutral, natural and biodegradable Protective Formula has been developed to enhance the effectiveness of Ha-Ra® fibre cleaning products while protecting the cleaned surfaces as well as your skin. With Ha-Ra® you need only 2-5% of what you would use with other cleaning products, causing less stress on the environment than other leading cleaning products. Using Ha-Ra® products exclusively, you will only need 1-2 bottles of Protective Formula per year, totally removing the need for other chemicals and surfactants. Produced from raw materials taken from vegetable extracts, palm oil & plants 99% bio-degradable.


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