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What is Eco-friendly Paint | Everything You Need to Know

What is Eco-friendly Paint | Everything You Need to Know

Ever wondered about how you can transform your house while also being kind to the planet?

Let us introduce you to the most sustainable option – Eco-friendly Paints!

There has been a noticeable shift toward environmental sustainability in recent years. Therefore, more and more people are choosing greener products because they’ve realized the harmful impact traditional paints can have on indoor air quality and the environment.

At Planet Ark, we care for the planet and prioritise your health before anything else. We offer eco paints that not only bring vibrant colours and durability but also provide a healthier and more sustainable option for your home or building.

So, before you pick up that paintbrush, let’s explore what eco-friendly paints are and why they’re a smart choice for you and the planet.

Let’s start the journey towards a greener, brighter future!

Eco-friendly Paints | VOC-free Paints for a Healthy Environment

Eco-friendly paints are transforming the paint industry by offering sustainable and health-conscious alternatives to conventional paints.

These sustainable paints offer a lot of benefits that set them apart from traditional paints, making them a preferred choice for environmentally-conscious people. Have a quick look at the wonders of green paint!

  • No Harmful Chemicals / Toxins (Low or Zero-VOCs)
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality / Environment friendly
  • Less to No Odour
  • Cost-Saving on the Long Run
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • Made from Recyclable Sources

Do you know that conventional paints can turn the indoor air into a chemical mix, even after they dry?

They keep releasing petroleum-based harmful stuff called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or toxins, which aren’t good for your health or the environment.

But here at Planet Ark, we have a healthier alternative!

Thanks to new environmental regulations and what people like you want, we now have paints that are way friendlier – low-VOC and zero-VOC paints. These paints not only last long and save money but also do less harm to people and the planet.

They’re like super safe, especially for people who are sensitive to chemicals, like those with asthma, moms-to-be, kids, the sick, and of course, you!

How Eco-friendly Paints are Made?

They are made using natural ingredients like clay, chalk, and plant oils. They can take the form of clay paint, mineral paint, or plant-based paint, each offering unique benefits.

Instead of using chemical dyes for colouring, green paints often use plant-based dyes, providing an environmentally friendly alternative. Made with natural raw materials, these paints are non-toxic and free from artificial flavours, making them a safer and more sustainable choice for your painting projects.

4 Types of Eco-friendly Paints

Eco-friendly Paint

When it comes to eco-friendly paints, there are several types to consider, each offering unique benefits for your painting projects. Let’s break down the different options:

1. Plant-based Paints

Plant-based paints, also known as natural paints, are made from non-toxic ingredients like beeswax, plant extracts, resins, and clay, making them safe for both humans and the environment.

One of the notable benefits of our plant-based paints is their lack of pungent odours, creating a more pleasant painting experience.

Moreover, when compared to traditional paints, these paints are gentle on sensitive skin and are less likely to cause adverse reactions. This makes them ideal for homes where occupants have skin irritations or allergies. You can confidently use plant-based paints for interior walls, skirting boards, and timber architraves, knowing that you’re choosing a sustainable and health-conscious option for your living spaces.

2. Water-based Paints

These paints are a fantastic eco-friendly option because they use water as their base. This means they break down more easily compared to non-water-based paints, making it better for the environment.

Most water-based paints are also made with biodegradable (recyclable) ingredients and have fewer toxic chemicals, which is a win for both sustainability and indoor air quality.

Moreover, when you’re painting with water-based paint, it’s much easier to breathe, making it safer for your painting team and anyone in the house. This type of paint is particularly great for exterior projects exposed to different weather conditions.

3. Low-VOC Paints

There paints are a smart choice for eco-conscious painting projects.

VOCs are the chemical emissions released when paint dries. These compounds not only contribute to higher carbon emissions but can also have negative impacts on health and indoor air quality. Choosing paints with lower VOC levels is beneficial for both air quality and the environment.

One notable characteristic of our low-VOC paints is their quick drying time.

Unlike traditional paints that contain higher VOC levels to stay wet longer, low VOC paints dry faster. This means painters need to work efficiently and swiftly when using these paints. They are suitable for various applications, including outdoor and indoor facades and walls.

It’s important to note that applying low VOC paints may require a slightly different technique compared to traditional paints. Hiring an experienced painter who excels in the application method for achieving the finest results.

4. Zero-VOC Paints

These paints contain less than five grams of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) per litre. However, achieving this zero VOC level can be challenging, especially for darker colours, as the tinting process often requires higher VOC levels compared to lighter paints.

However, VOCs can be present in colourants, even if they are not present in the base paint. Therefore, it’s important to choose paints that provide a detailed list of ingredients to ensure their eco-friendly and zero VOC status.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Paints

1. Low or Zero-VOCs – Toxins / Reduced Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly paints have a significant advantage when it comes to reducing environmental impact because they often have low or zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

These compounds are harmful chemicals that can pollute the air we breathe, so using these sustainable paints with fewer of them is a big win for both our health and the planet. See how:

  • They are Environmentally Friendly: New paint coatings help buildings use less energy and reduce cooling costs. These paints reflect heat, making surfaces cooler and cutting down energy bills.
  • They are Renewable and Biodegradable: Green paint is made from resources that can be composted and are carbon neutral. It’s eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • They are Protecting the Ozone Layer: Traditional paints contain VOCs that harm the ozone layer. Green alternatives preserve the planet for future generations.

Additionally, paint brands that embrace eco-friendly practices go the extra mile by recycling paint tins, minimizing waste, lowering carbon emissions, and cutting back on the use of chemicals and microplastics. These efforts make them much more sustainable than conventional paint manufacturers, contributing to a healthier environment and a brighter future for all of us.

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality / Healthier Living Space

Green paints bring a breath of fresh air to your home, quite literally!

Unlike conventional paints that can contain high levels of VOCs, eco-friendly paints have low or zero VOC, which means they release fewer harmful chemical gases into the air. This is a game-changer for anyone, especially those with asthma or allergies, as it creates a healthier indoor environment.

But the benefits don’t stop there. These paints are like a breath of fresh air for your walls too!

They are breathable, allowing moisture to escape instead of trapping it inside like traditional paints. This moisture escape prevents the formation of mould and fungus, which can be a big relief for your respiratory system.

3. Easy Application and Cleanup

Homeowners often admire the ease of using eco-friendly paints, and for good reason.

These paints are easy to apply, boasting fantastic colour retention properties that make them a top choice while also being kind to the environment.

One major perk is their easy cleanup. Choosing our high-quality purifying paint means you can wash your tools with water, no need for harsh chemicals like white spirit or turpentine that harm the environment.

Moreover, the paint on your walls cleans up easily too, ensuring your walls look great for years to come.

4. Improved Cost-Savings / Good for Your Wallet

These natural paints offer an additional benefit of cost-effectiveness. Thanks to advancements in technology, these paints are more efficient to use compared to traditional paints. They provide better coverage which means you’ll need fewer coats to achieve the desired finish. This efficiency saves your time and effort while reducing the amount of paint needed for a project.

Thus, with less paint required for each project, you’ll spend less on materials, labour, and cleanup. This results in a higher return on investment over time, making eco-friendly paints a smart choice for budget-conscious people and businesses alike.

5. Range Of Colours and Finishes

Eco-friendly paints offer a surprising range of colours and finishes, contrary to the misconception that they are limited in scope.

Whether you’re painting walls, masonry, exteriors, or working on metal or wood surfaces, eco-friendly options succeed. This versatility ensures that you can get your desired home look while staying within your eco-conscious values.

6. Long-lasting performance:

You’ll love how eco-friendly paints are designed to last.

They’re not just about being green; they’re tough and durable too. This means you won’t have to worry about frequent touch-ups or repainting, saving you money and time in the long run. It’s great knowing that your paint job will stay vibrant and neat for years to come, giving you a stunning space to enjoy with peace of mind.Top of Form

Want a healthier and chemical-free painting solution?

Contact Planet Ark | Shop VOC free and Eco-friendly Paints Now!

Our plant-based natural paints guarantee a superior finish while ensuring your space remains toxin-free and odourless. With 100% VOC-free formulations, our paints are not only safer for your health but also contribute to a greener environment.

Contact us at 041 258 4892 and make the switch to eco-friendly paints with us!

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