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How to Steam Clean Hanging Curtains?

How to Steam Clean Hanging Curtains?

The most crucial component of a home is curtains. There are various reasons to cover your windows and doors like to preventing heat and lightning effects. We are aware that it is difficult to remove them and begin cleaning like we would with other materials. Even while it’s okay to periodically do the same with curtains, our busy schedule prevents it. So let’s have a look at steam cleaning curtains as we all have this question in our minds: how do you clean curtains?

Add up the value in curtains’ life!

Daily exposure to soiled dust and dirt might reduce the length of time that curtains last. The need for regular deep cleaning of curtains is similar to that of carpets and couches/sofas. Given the variety of curtain kinds, understanding how to clean them properly may be challenging. Interested in learning how to wash sheer or blackout curtains. Whether you have blackout or sheer curtains in your home, Planet Ark will show you how to clean and maintain them so they look just as stylish, fresh, and exquisite as the day they were installed.

Steam Clean Curtains Perfectly with Planet Ark

steam clean curtains

What is Steam Cleaning?

In contrast to time-consuming chemical cleaning procedures, steam washing curtains is a rapid and secure method of cleaning curtains. A steam cleaner for curtains is composed of a water tank, heating element, hose, brush, and application instruments, among other components. Steam escapes through the hose as a result of the heating element’s heating of the water in the tank. When the tool is held, contaminants and dirt are liberated from the fabric because to the steam it generates. Check the label on your drapes or curtains to make sure they are not heat sensitive because steam washing is not advised for all textiles and fibers.


One of the finest ways for cleaning curtains on-site is steam washing, which includes a variety of curtain cleaning techniques. Means that the curtains and drapes do not need to be removed. Depending on the state of the curtains, it could take many hours to complete the task, but the outcome is excellent. The benefits of curtain steam cleaning are numerous, and employing a professional is crucial to ensuring that hangings maintain their beauty and continue to raise the overall appeal of the space.

  • All the bacteria and parasites hiding on the lengthy curtains are eradicated during the hot steam curtain cleaning process.
  • Deep stains are removed by steam washing, which is not achievable with dry cleaning or any other cleaning method.
  • Steam cleaning works quickly and effectively. The ideal cleanliness and attractiveness of the curtains are attained with the assistance of experts curtain steam cleaning Melbourne.

What is the process of Cleaning Curtains without Taking Them Down?

Curtain Examination:

  • First, the fabric quality of the curtains is examined. Professionals ensure that steam cleaning curtains won’t damage the fabric.
  • Examine the curtains’ length and width.
  • The curtain should then be examined for damage so that repairs can be made. The stains are also designated for close attention.

Dust Removal:

  • Professionals use a suction pump to remove the dust and dirt that have settled on the curtains during the step of dust cleaning.
  • This procedure is carried out expertly to prevent harm to the curtain’s material.

Steam Cleaning Process

To kill the bacteria and germs on the hanging curtains, steam and fabric-safe detergent are applied.

Spots and stains are carefully removed after receiving special attention. Until the stains are removed, this process is repeated. The curtains are cleaned and deodorised as the finishing touch to make them odour- and germ-free. The exact steps to cleaning the curtains with steam are listed below:

  • Fill the steam curtain cleaner’s water tank as directed by the manufacturer by taking the specified actions.
  • Give the water a few minutes to warm up.
  • Connect the hose end with the nozzle.
  • Set the nozzle back from the drapes by a few inches.
  • Steam the drapes thoroughly from top to bottom.
  • Pass over seams with the nozzle from the drapes.
  • After treating the entire front surface of the drapes, take off the jet nozzle and put it aside.
  • Connect the cloth or drape tool to the hose’s end.
  • Maintain the hose in an upright position to allow dirty condensate to return to the machine.
  • Use the cleaning tool to brush the tops of the curtains.
  • Gently move the tool from top to bottom.

Drying the Curtains

  • Let the curtains left hanging after steam cleaning process.
  • It will get dried and looks as new as it was in the beginning.

Vacuuming Option:

A quick and simple approach to clean curtains without taking them down is to vacuum them as frequently as you can.

  • Use your vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair and other dust.
  • Use the soft brush attachment to gently vacuum hanging curtains from top to bottom.
  • Giving your curtains a good shake is another simple technique to clean them without having to take them down.

How to clean blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains can be boosted and revitalised with a steam clean. You will save time and effort by using this quick and simple procedure instead of taking the curtains down to clean them.

Apply a Vacuum

One of the easiest methods to clean the fabric of a blackout curtain is to use a vacuum. Before you go for a deep clean wash, vacuuming your curtains at least several times a week is a terrific idea. To get rid of any debris, dust, or allergies that may have accumulated inside the curtain, just vacuum it. The panels’ front and back should both be utilised.

Clean Spots with Laundry Soap

If you have more time, you may also give your blackout curtains a spot cleaning. After removing the curtains from the rod, remove any stains with laundry soap. Use warm water, soap, and a cloth to gently clean the area. Make careful to rinse it as quickly as you can. Never clean your curtains with bleach or other harsh chemicals, especially if they are dark in colour and have several panels.

Deep-Clean the Area

Make careful you adhere to the blackout textiles’ specified washing guidelines. A moderate wash is always recommended for materials to reduce the chance of damage. Alternatively, fill a big sink or bathtub with warm, soapy water. Just a small amount of soap should be added to the tub. To remove dirt, dust, and allergies from the curtain material as gently as you can, twist and squeeze it. After properly cleaning the curtains, rinse them to remove as much water as you can. You can rinse it with clean water once or twice.

How to clean sheer curtains?

When it comes to cleaning dust and debris from your handmade sheer curtains, the simplest method is to loosely bunch them up and shake them gently

  • When your washing machine is halfway full, add your sheer curtains.
  • Activate the detergent before washing.
  • Your machine should be set to a mild wash cycle with a light spin cycle at no more than 60 degrees.
  • Give your curtains an additional 10 minutes of soaking time if they are very soiled.
  • Use at least three rinse cycles, with each cycle’s temperature being 10–12 degrees lower than the one before it.
  • After washing your curtains, wrap them on a dry towel to remove any remaining water before hanging them while they are still somewhat damp.

Gently Vacuum Your Curtains:

  • Get the vacuum out and attach the brush attachment, if you have one, as your first action.
  • If not, simply use the vacuum head while lowering the vacuum’s setting.
  • Your curtains should be carefully vacuumed from top to bottom to remove any remaining dust.
  • When you also take your curtains down, this step will make it easier.

Prepare to wash:

  • After thoroughly vacuuming your sheer curtains, you’ll need to wash them.
  • You will be spot-cleaning and/or hand-washing your curtains if they are made of delicate fabric, like blends of linen and silk.
  • You might be able to machine wash on the gentle setting if you have a more robust sheer curtain made of polyester.

Spot Cleaning Sheer Curtains:

  • Place Cleaning Treat spills and stains on sheer curtains as soon as you can.
  • Scrape off any liquid or debris from the fabric’s surface using a gentle motion.
  • Never use industrial-based cleansers, solvents, or abrasives.
  • Before used, commercial spot cleaners must first be checked for compatibility and given time to dry on a hidden area.

Hand Washing Sheer Curtains:

• To hand-wash sheer curtains, add some soaking agent to your laundry tub or bucket and fill it with warm water.

• After the item has been dissolved in the water, add your curtains.

• Instead of submerging the curtains for an extended period of time, they should be stirred about in the water.

• The water will have more than enough time to remove the firmly buried dirt after five to ten minutes.

• Once all the water has been absorbed by your curtains, remove them and carefully wring out any remaining moisture before rinsing them with new water.

• To remove the soap, swish your curtains around and then rinse them. Gently wash your curtains.

If you see any further spots on your sheer curtains, blot the stain with a clean, moist sponge, then dab with white wine vinegar. Alternate dabbing with the sponge and vinegar until the stain is lifted, making sure to do a spot test first.

To dry the curtains, simply hang them in the breeze beneath the shade to dry and freshen up any leftover odors. When it comes to washing sheer curtains, a mild hand wash will suffice. Hand washing can also aid in the removal of mould stains from your curtains. Remove all hooks, wands, and rings before washing curtains, and use a light detergent.

When is the best time to clean curtains?

In order to ensure quick drying, aim to clean your curtains at least once a year if you’re unsure of how frequently to do so. Maintaining your curtains as pat of your spring cleaning is a great way to keep them looking brand new after Australia’s wet winter. Proper curtain maintenance will prevent dust and allergies in addition to extending the life of your curtains by reducing stains and dullness, making your home healthier. We suggest to maintain curtains health by regular dusting. It will increase the lifespan of curtains as dust won’t stick to the curtains for a longer period of time.


The ability to obtain or rent a steamer can be a great way to remove grease and stains on-site, though this option may not be available to everyone. You should be able to see results right away by using an upholstery attachment and making gentle vertical strokes down the length of the curtains. Do not worry if steaming machines won’t soak them, and they should dry fairly quickly and odorlessly. Remember to steam clean your curtains on the gentlest setting, especially if they are made of natural materials like linen, cotton, or sheer materials, and cover the entire area, working your way from the top down.


Because the steam from the cleaner is so hot, use caution to avoid burns while cleaning. For velvet drapes/curtains and draylon, do not use a steam cleaner.

We hope that all the required knowledge for steam clean curtains is being provided in the article. Either sun blocking curtains or dry cleaning curtains, make sure you are well aware of cleaning process and precautions.

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