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Organic anti-aging System with immediate natural lifting effect! A true fountain of youth for your skin! Preserve the elasticity and the radiance of your skin! Preserve your natural beauty! 


Our exclusive AGE PERFECT HYDRO MASK INTENSIV is the answer to the continuously increasing demand for natural cosmetics with immediate effects that fight skin aging. As a pure and concentrated natural product, it is your weapon in the constant battle against wrinkles and tired skin. The exclusive AGE PERFECT HYDRO MASK INTENSIV consists of pure, organic aloe vera gel and is enriched with precious argan oil, wheat germ oil, hyaluronic acid and proteins of hibiscus seeds. It is dermatologically tested by the University of Ferrara.

There are five good reasons to love the exclusive AGE PERFECT HYDRO MASK INTENSIV:


The elasticity of your skin improves. You obtain a strong and visible lifting-effect.

It will create an incredible filler-effect, which reduces the volume and the visibility of the wrinkles.

Only the AGE PERFECT HYDRO MASK INTENSIV can achieve such great results. So EASY and so QUICK!!!

The system:
Extraordinary penetration efficiency with one step

To make sure that all high quality agents can be fully absorbed by the skin without a reduction of efficacy, we processed the ingredients and developed a special cream. You are already familiar with this from other products, but they only reach the upper layers of the skin. With our mask of nonwoven fabric (TNT) we can overcome the resistance of the skin. The organic essences can then penetrate the skin deeply and can fully unfold their anti-aging effect.

Revitalizes tired and aging skin.
Protects and decongests.
Fights free radicals and visible signs of skin aging.
Moisturizes your skin.
Smoothes and softens your skin.


Immediate and striking wrinkle-reducing effect (clinically tested).
Fights free radicals and visible signs of skin aging.
Immediate and natural lifting effects (clinically tested).


Nourishes and relieves tired skin.


Create lasting and striking wrinkle-reducing effects (clinically tested).
They are a natural alternative to Botox!


Take the compressed mask out of the box and moisten it with the special anti-aging lotion in the bottle. … and let the magic happen!!! Your beauty mask is now ready to be used. The unique texture of the exclusive AGE PERFECT HYDRO MASK INTENSIV adapts perfectly to the structure of your face. Now allow the active ingredients to work for 10-15 minutes.


The result is a clearly more radiant and younger skin! 

Ingredients: aqua (cas n° 7732-18-5) aloe barbadensis leaf extract* (cas n° 85507-69-3) sodium hyaluronate (cas n° 9067-32-7) glycerin (cas n° 56-81-5) argania spinosa kernel extract and sodium cocoyl glutamate (cas n° 999999-99-4) hydrolyzed hibiscus esculentus extract and dextrin (cas n° 91723-07-8; 9004-53-9) triticum vulgare germ oil* (cas n° 68917-73-7) sodium dehydroacetate (cas n° 4418-26-2) sodium benzoate (cas n° 532-32-1) algin (cas n° 9005-38-3) parfum citric acid (cas n°77-92-9)


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